Colour Mill Oil Based Colouring

Unlike other gel colours which are water based, Colour Mill is a range of completely oil based concentrated colourings designed to blend more easily with oily foods such as buttercream, ganache, cake batters, chocolate, swiss meringue, fondant and more. Each of the colours contains pigment, carrier oil, and in the case of pastels, some Titanium Dioxide, a unique blend that loves the fats and oils in your baking allowing you to achieve a rich, deep vibrant colour.

Being oil based,  only a small amount of colouring is needed and the 'teardrops' on the sides are a useful colour guide as to the depth of colour achieved with said number of drops (ie in basic buttercream to 1, 2, or 3 drops of colour) - do allow the colour to develop over a period of time before use!

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