Edible Spray Paints, Lustre Sprays And Pumps

Create stunning effects with these aerosol sprays and non-aerosol pumps, ideal when you need to cover large areas with a metallic sheen. Use to highlight or colour sugarpaste, royal icing, marzipan, buttercream and frostings, flower and modelling pastes, edible cake lace, chocolate and so much more giving a whole new look to your celebration cakes, cupcakes and desserts. 

Edible lustre sprays are so simple to use, just shake the can before use and hold about 15mm (6") away from the area or decoration you are spraying to apply a light even coat. Once fully dried, you can add more layers to intensify the colour as desired - a spray gun attachment is a great tool if you want to control the application of colour a little better without the expense of an airbrush! To use the pump sprays, simply hold the spray approx 10-20cm away from the cake and spray in short, gentle bursts. It is a good idea to place your cakes and decorations inside a cardboard box before spraying to prevent your kitchen being re-decorated too!

To see a wider range of colours including gel pastes,  powder dusts and colouring for chocolate and ganache, take a look at the full range of food colourings available.