Silver Cake Boards

Round silver cake boards come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes:

Cut edge card - 1.1 mm thick, suitable for gateaux and a cost effective base for light sponge cakes

Single thick card  - 2mm thick, ideal for plaques, small cakes and gateaux, not recommended for rich fruit or large iced sponge cakes

Hardboard - 4mm thick, sturdy and do not bend, ideal to use under sponges, rich fruit cakes and when you need thinner boards for stacked  and tiered cakes

Drum - 12mm thick suitable for sponge and fruit cakes and recommended for use under heavy cakes and as the bottom tier of a stacked cake. They can also be decorated with a complementary ribbon applied with double-sided tape.

Don't forget to store and transport your finished cake in one of our cake boxes which are not only designed to fit the boards snugly but also cater for the taller and heavier cakes. Browse our complete range of cake boards in assorted shapes, sizes and colours to suit any occasion and design.