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14 Inch White Cake Box & 14 x 14 x 18 Inch Box Extender

Product Code: CCWBOXEXT1418


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Ideal for stacked cakes and taller novelty cakes, this 14 inch white cake box (separate lid and base) comes with a 14" x 14" x 18" extender that can be easily fitted into the box.

This box and extender set will be take up to a 14" round board comfortably. To fit the extender over a 14" square board, first cut a slit approximately 1 inch (3cm) at each bottom corner. The extender will now fit over the square board so you can assemble as normal.


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How to construct the box with extender:

1. Open the box out fully and place your cake on its board in the middle.
2. Carefully lower the open extender over your cake.
3. Bring up the cake box sides and assemble.

Click here for our full Step by Step guide to using extenders with a cake box.