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Quick Bows (for Bouquet Cupcake Box), Pack of 5

Product Code: PCBOWPK5

Pk of 5 White Bows £3.00
Pk of 5 Red Bows - Out of Stock £3.00  
Pk of 5 Pink Bows £3.00
Pk of 5 Blue Bows £3.00
Pk of 5 Lilac Bows £3.00
Pk of 5 Silver Bows £3.00
Pk of 5 Gold Bows - Out of Stock £3.00  


Pack of 5 quick bows that are ideal for tying around bouquet cupcake boxes as well as other cupcake boxes, bags, bunches of flowers or presents wrapped in cellophane. The bows come flat, just pull the thin ribbon to create the bow in seconds, then use the ends to tie around your bouquet cupcake box, a great way to keep the box together neatly as well as adding a lovely finishing touch.

Available in white, red, pink, blue, lilac, metallic silver or metallic gold

18mm width

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