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Superhero Themed Icing Cutters, Set Of 4

Product Code: FRA1034


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This set of 4 metal cutters is perfect for creating a superhero cake. The cutters can be used together to create a comic strip superhero theme and they can also be used individually - the bat shaped cutter is perfect for Halloween cakes and the superhero head cutter can be turned upside down and used as a spooky tombstone cutter! The fluted cutter is great for any comic strip themed cake, why not add fun comic phrases such as 'Pow', 'Zap' or 'Bang' to give your cake extra character!


Cutter 1 (oval)  - approximately 45mm x 38mm
Cutter 2 (bat) - approximately 45mm x 25mm
Cutter 3 (Superhero head) - approximately 20mm x 34mm
Cutter 4 (fluted) - approximately 50mm x 50mm

These cutters are made in the UK from the finest quality Tin plated steel, bounded by a non-toxic solder to ensure no contamination passes to your sugar products.