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Cupcake Baking Set - 12 Cup Cupcake Tin, 12 Cup Mini Cupcake Tin & Cooling Rack

Product Code: DEXBAKSET


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This cupcake baking set would make a perfect gift for someone who is interested in baking and needs to start up their collection of baking essentials! The set includes a 12 cavity cupcake or muffin tin and a 12 cavity mini cupcake or muffin tin, invaluable if you want to produce professional looking cupcakes or muffins. Also included is a set of 3 stackable cooling racks, ideal if you are baking a large number of cupcakes or cakes at one time.

12 cup muffin tin - Each cup is 72mm across top and 34mm deep
12 cup mini muffin tin - Each cup is 45mm across top, 20mm deep
Cooling rack - Each rack 250 x 340mm (9 ¾" x 13 ½")