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Elements Cutter Set 'Earth, Wind, Fire & Ice' By FMM


Single £6.40
10 Cutters £50.00


Use this universal set of plastic cutters based on four different elements ‘Earth, Wind, Fire & Ice’ from fmm to create numerous ideas for your celebration cakes.

Decorate your cakes with a side design or add to cupcakes and cookies to create a variety of patterns and themes for your special occasion: underwater, winter, jungle, superhero, beach, Christmas, Halloween the list is endless.

The Set Includes:

  • Earth – Grass
  • Wind – Waves
  • Fire – Flames
  • Ice - Icicles


Simply roll your modelling paste out to a thickness of approximately 2mm dust the surface with a little cornflour and rub lightly some petal base around the edges of your cutter to achieve a clean and easy finish. For full instructions follow the guidelines on the back of the packaging.

Approximate Size: Grass: 185 x 20mm, Icicles: 165 x 30mm, Waves: 165 x 18mm, Flames: 160 x 32mm.


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