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Essentials Kit For Covering Tall Cakes (Cake Leveller/Lifter/Side Scraper)

Product Code: CCWBUTESS


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This fantastic set includes 3 pieces of equipment that will help you achieve even layers and a smooth buttercream on your cakes, particularly good if you are creating tall cakes.

The set includes:
A cake leveller - this has a steel handle, clearly defined height markers and a wavy cutting wire to help you cut your cake into even layers. Can be used on cakes up to 10" in diameter and 4" tall.
A stainless steel cake lifter - ideal for helping to lift cakes onto boards and stands without touching the cake itself. The lifter has one angled side to tilt and lift large cakes.
A stainless steel side scraper - for covering tall cakes with buttercream or chocolate ganache, is angled for ease of use.

Approximate Size:
12" cake leveller - length of wire 270mm, leveller 300mm (w) x 185mm (h)
Tall side scraper - 95mm x 250mm (3.74 inches x 9.84 inches)
Cake lifter - 305mm x 280mm (12 inches x 11 inches) excluding angled handle.