FMM 'The Smaller Easiest Rose Ever' Cutters, Set of 2


Single Set £9.00
10 Sets £53.00


This set of 2 smaller rose cutters, created due to popular demand, complement FMM's 'The Easiest Rose Ever' cutter and will allow you to make roses for small cakes and dainty cupcakes. Perfect if you are a beginner as they are so easy to use and for professional cake decorators, they are a great time saving tool. Create many different sizes of rose using this set of 2 cutters, from 15mm to 50mm, all using the same technique. Another fantastic effect that can be created using these cutters are ruffles, a pretty decoration for the side of a small cake or on the top of cupcakes.

These cutters work best with a 50/50 mix of sugarpaste and modelling paste, such as Sattina Perfect Paste, but could also be used with marzipan, sugarpaste and flower/modelling paste. Full step by step instructions are included.

Available as a single set or 10 sets

Cutter 1 - approximately 105mm x 40mm
Cutter 2 - approximately 135mm x 55mm