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Fmm Mermaid Tails Cutters Set


Single Set £7.20
10 Sets £53.00


Use this set of 2 Fmm mermaid tail cutters to make amazing decorations for a mermaid themed cake. Use with modelling paste to make tails for either placing on top of your cake, or around the edge as a pretty design.

Whilst the larger tail cutter make an ideal cake topper for a large cake, the smaller one makes fabulous coordinating toppers for cupcakes.  Decorate your mermaid tail scales with edible glitter or lustre dust for a magical effect!

These tail cutters are also great for making decorations for a birthday or retirement cake for a fisherman who loves telling 'the one that got away' story!

The cutters have sharp cutting edges, giving your mermaid tails clean, crisp outlines. Simple to use, all you have to decide is whether you will add detail to your cut-out tails using edible paint, edible pens, edible lustre spray or edible glitters. Once decorated,  the tails can be secured to the side of a cake with edible glue, a dab of royal icing or a tiny amount of water.

Remember to use a modelling paste and leave to dry overnight if you intend standing your mermaid tails upright!

Available as a single set or 10 sets

Large - approx. 110mm x 70mm 
Small - approx.  60mm x 40mm