Fmm 'The Easiest Ranunculus Ever' Cutter Set


Single Cutter Set £8.95
10 Sets £52.00


Create stunning sugar ranunculus flowers in no time at all using The Easiest Ranunculus Ever® cutter set. This easy to use set includes two individual cutters to form the inner and outer layers of this beautiful spring/summer flower.  Why not create a tumbling array of multi coloured ranunculus in different sizes, from buds to a full bloomed flower, to decorate a birthday or celebration cake for a loved one. Ranunculus flowers are a popular choice for bridal bouquets and wedding cakes too, making this cutter set a wonderful addition to your sugar flower making equipment.

Perfect for beginners to use, this cutter set is also a great time saving tool for professionals, use with modelling paste or florist paste to ensure the petals hold their shape. Have fun and experiment by creating a wonderful basket of ranunculus, carnations and roses for a special birthday celebration from the popular ‘Easiest Rose Ever' and 'Easiest Carnation Ever' cutter range from Fmm. A full step by step guide is included.

Available as a single set or 10 sets

Cutter 1 (smooth edge) - approximately 153mm x 50mm
Cutter 2 (fluted edge) - approximately 158mm x 60mm