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Food Grade Silicone Plastique Mould Putty By Myom

Product Code: C82914


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Silicone Plastique® is an amazing mould putty that allows you to create our own moulds in original designs in your own kitchen.  Once mixed, Silicone Plastique® will stay workable for about 15 minutes giving ample time to make an accurate mould of almost any object. Cure time is only about an hour at 70 degrees F. to create a pliable yet durable rubber mould suitable for direct food contact. This amazing mould putty can be put in the freezer without losing flexibility and resists temperatures as high as 450 degrees F. Silicone Plastique® is a food grade silicone putty and complies with FDA regulation: 21CFR177.2600 and has been tested by an independent, FDA approved laboratory to confirm its food grade status.

Full instructions included.

Nett weight 400g


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