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Golden Delight Madeira Cake Mix By Sattina

Product Code: PAGOLDMIX

1Kg £5.50
5Kg £25.95
12.5Kg £49.95


Simply add water to this rich golden Madeira mix for a delicious moist but firm cake, ideal to cover in sugarpaste for any celebration!
Now available in a handy 1kg resealable pouch for baking a single celebration cake or batch of cupcakes, 5kg if you make cakes on a regular basis but are unable to store the 12.5kg bag which is ideal for bakers who require a more economical way of buying. 

To make a Genoese sheet using this mix, add 100g of bakers' grade flour to the basic recipe and increase the water by 50g.

Available as 1kg, 5kg or 12.5kg bag

1kg will make a 9" round cake (or an 8" square) or approximately 24 cupcakes.

1kg mix requires 400ml water
1. Weigh mix and place in a bowl with a beater
2. Add half the water over 2 minutes on slow speed
3. Mix for 3 minutes on medium speed
4. Add the remainder of the water over 2 minutes on slow speed
5. Mix for a further 3 minutes on medium speed.
Remember to scrape down the bowl at regular intervals to incorporate all the mix.

Top Tip:
Create a quick and easy pudding, simply add water as per instructions and pour into a 1 pint pudding basin and microwave for approximately 3 minutes (dependent on your microwave!). Invert onto a plate and finish by pouring golden syrup or warmed jam over the top and serve with custard or ice cream!

Ingredients & Allergy Info

Wheat, flour, sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening, skimmed milk powder, whole dried egg, raising agents E541, E500, emulsifiers E471, soya flour, dried egg whites, salt, colour E102.

Allergens - contains wheat, gluten, milk, egg & soya.


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