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Hexagonal Silver Drum Cake Board

Product Code: CDSHX

8 Inch £1.64
10 Inch £2.09
11 Inch £2.35
12 Inch £2.81
14 Inch £3.34
8 Inch (203mm) Drum With A 10 Inch Box £2.64
10 Inch (254mm) Drun With A 12 Inch Box £3.29
11 Inch (279mm) Drum With A 13 Inch Box £3.63
12 Inch (304mm) Drum With A 14 Inch Box £4.19
14 Inch (335mm) Drum With A 16 Inch Box £4.94


A hexagonal shaped sturdy cake board which is suitable for sponge or fruit cakes.
We strongly recommend that a cake drum is always used for heavy cakes or the bottom tier of stacked cakes. The thickness of the board allows you to decorate it with a complementary ribbon simply applying it with double-sided tape.

Available as a single drum or a drum with standard white cake box.
Thickness: 12mm

Available in various sizes

Size: 8" (203mm) Fits in a 9" box
Size: 10" (254mm) Fits in a 12" box
Size: 11" (279mm) Fits in a 13" box
Size: 12" (304mm) Fits in a 14" box
Size: 14" (335mm) Fits in a 16" box
Size: 16" (406mm) Fits in an 18" box

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