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Karen Davies Horse Mould

Product Code: KDHOR


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This horse mould is easy to use. Just knead together a mixture of either ½ flower paste and ½ sugarpaste or 1/3 mexican paste and 2/3 sugarpaste and push into mould. Because the mould is pliable and flexible, your icing or marzipan easily pops out. A rider can be modelled by hand and added to the horse. This mould can be used for a birthday gymkhana cake or add a jockey for a comical horse racing cake. Use with our face mould for riders head. The mould may also be used for a carousel cake. Here we have actually used melted chocolate and poured it into the mould. Let the chocolate set then very carefully release it from the mould. Alternatively you can use Cocoform modelling chocolate which is easy to use and also tastes good, code SKCCF.

Size: 11cm x 6cm