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LissieLou 'Geometric Cubes' Cake Stencil

Product Code: LLGEOCUB


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Use this Geometric Cubes stencil by LissieLou to create a stunning geometric pattern on your cake. This design could appear daunting to produce, but the optical illusion is actually very easy to achieve with this stencil, even on a a tall cake!

Secure the stencil to your cake using either the holes around its parameter or slots at each end - this design has been specifically produced so you can repeat the pattern around the side of a large cake. For extra tips, view our ‘ LissieLou Cake Stencils – FAQs and How To Use Guide’.

Stencil size - approximately 203mm (h) x 254mm (w) (8" x 10")
Design size - approximately 178mm (h) x 228mm (w) (7" x 9")

LissieLou stencils are made from food-safe material and are reusable. After use, wash gently with a sponge in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing flat in a cool, dry place. They should NOT be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Made in the UK