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Pink Glitter Number Candle Cake Toppers

Product Code: AHC80

No. 0 Candle £1.75
No. 1 Candle £1.75
No. 2 Candle £1.75
No. 3 Candle £1.75
No. 5 Candle £1.75
No. 6 Candle £1.75
No. 7 Candle £1.75
No. 8 Candle £1.75
No. 9 Candle £1.75
No.4 Candle £1.75


Add a little sparkle with these pretty pink glittery candles and celebrate in style.  The large curved shaped number candles are available to buy individually, so you can create any number you wish to have for your occasion. Please note, the glitter is only on the front side of the candle (which has an integral plastic pick that can easily be inserted into your cake).

Available from 0-9

Height approximately 65mm

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