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Round Purple Drum Cake Board

Product Code: DRSDPURPLE

8 Inch (203mm) In PURPLE £1.37
10 Inch (254mm) In PURPLE £1.92
12 Inch (304mm) In PURPLE £2.53
14 Inch (355mm) In PURPLE - Out of Stock £3.24  
8 Inch (203mm) Drum With Box £2.25
10 Inch (254mm) Drum With Box £2.98
12 Inch (304mm) Drum With Box £3.80
14 Inch (304mm) Drum With Box - Out of Stock £4.70  


This round purple cake board makes a sturdy base for your novelty and celebration cakes, perfect for sponge and fruit cakes. This coloured cake drum is ideal for birthday and Halloween cakes or even contemporary Christmas cakes.

We strongly recommend that a cake drum is always used for heavy cakes or the bottom tier of stacked cakes

Available as a single drum or a drum with standard white cake box.

Thickness 12mm, available in 4 sizes.

Size: 8" (203mm)
Size: 10" (254mm)
Size: 12" (304mm)
Size: 14" (355mm)