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Push Easy Mini Upper And Lower Case Alphabet And Number Cutters by Cake Star

Product Code: C84861SET2


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This set contains all 3 Mini Push Easy Cutter Sets By Cake Star:

- Push Easy Mini Upper Case Alphabet Cutters
- Push Easy Mini Lower Case Alphabet Cutters
- Push Easy Mini Number Cutters

These mini plunger cutters are so easy to use and are perfect for decorating your cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Essential for any budding cake decorators cupboard, whether a beginner or professional!

Made from food approved plastic, these cutters have an internal spring mechanism so they are not only simple to use, but they also emboss a stylish edge to your letters. Add messages and numbers to your cakes using this set that includes all upper and lower alphabet cutters as well as number cutters. Instructions for use are included, these cutters will work with sugarpaste but for best results, we recommend using a modelling paste. Each set comes in a box for easy storage - and this makes a great gift too!

Upper Case cutters - approximately 26mm
Lower Case cutters - approximately 26mm
Number cutters - approximately 26mm

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