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Ready-Tempered Colourless Isomalt, 125g

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This convenient ready-tempered Isomalt is colourless and only needs to be melted in the microwave and can be used as required. Isomalt is ideal for moulded decorations, pulled sugar work and decorative biscuit centres and it is also a useful sugar-free alternative. Full instructions are included.

Nett weight: 125g

What is Isomalt?
Isomalt is a sugar substitute which has been obtained from sugar beet by treating it with enzymes. Isomalt is chemically grouped as disaccharide alcohol (polyol), it is safe for the teeth and has 50% less calories than table sugar. Food containing isomalt instead of sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise and lower insulinemic response after consumption compared to sugar. Isomalt has a melting point of 145°C to 150°C and is pre-tempered so it can be easily melted in the microwave.

When working with liquid Isomalt remember to take great care as it can cause serious burns if spilled onto the skin. For this reason, Isomalt should not be used by children.


Ingredients & Allergy Info

100% isomalt. May contain traces of nuts and sugar.

Suitable for vegetarians . Gluten free.



Although every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, customers concerned with food allergies must always check the ingredients labels. We cannot guarantee they have been manufactured in a nut-free environment.

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