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Safety Seal By Ingenious Edibles, 120ml Pot

Product Code: CCG93519


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If you are concerned about what is food safe and what isn't when it comes to decorating a cake, this handy innovative product allows you to create a safety barrier so that everything can become 'food safe'.

This product is ideal for both the mum at home and the professional cake baker, whether you are making cakes for friends and family or large groups at events and weddings, you can be rest assured that you are abiding by health and safety guidelines by using this product.

  • Coats cake decorating tools, boards, wires and cake toppers.
  • Can be coloured using gel paste colouring so the item dipped matches the cake you are creating.
  • Novelty cakes or models that require an internal or wire structure may be coated in Safety Seal to ensure the cake is safe to eat.
  • If something is accidentally dropped into the Safety Seal it will not contaminate product as it will instantly encapsulate the item making it food safe.

Please note product has to be microwaved for activation - full instructions on tub.

Nett weight: 120ml


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