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Small Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers For Sharp Edged Cakes

Product Code: SQUTL04A050S


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For 3-5" (8-13cm) round (small) cakes and suitable for any size square cakes.

These flexi smoothers will help you achieve sharp edges on your cakes, a very professional and sought after look. This pack includes 2 smoothers, a straight-edged and a rounded edge smoother, use both together on freshly covered cakes while the sugarpaste (fondant icing) is still soft to create a clean and crisp edge. These Bellissimo flexi smoothers are made from a FDA-approved food contact material and can be used on cakes that have a marzipan, ganache or buttercream coating on the cake underneath the sugarpaste (for best results, ensure the cake coating has a clean and crisp edge as well, this is easier to achieve with ganache or marzipan and on firmer cakes such as madeira). Instructions for use included.

Approximately 80mm x 110mm

Please note - whilst the measurements of these small smoothers are the same as the medium pack of flexi smoothers, the size of the arc on the rounded smoother is different.