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Small Cupcake Piping Tubes, Set of 4

Product Code: BENSET1


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These 4 tubes are all perfect for piping swirls on mini cupcakes and cupcakes and creating different effects. While the French Open Star (No 862) is great for piping waves and clouds, the Open Star (No 822) can be used to pipe stars and if you drag the star upwards while still piping, you can give the effect of foliage ready to decorate with flowers or jungle animals etc.

All the tubes can be used to decorate gateaux with cream or buttercream and cakes with royal icing where a larger decoration is required.

Set includes: Small Round Open Tube BEN804, Small Open Star Tube BEN822, Small Closed Star Tube BEN 842, Small French Open Star Tube BEN862

Individually each tube is £2.76, bought as a set is £8.83 (£2.20 each)