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Peony Tree Leaf Veiner, 2 Piece Set by Squires Kitchen

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Create realistic sugar peony leaves using this peony leaf veiner by Squires Kitchen. This pack includes 2 veiners so you can add veining to both sides of your leaves.

These leaf veiners from the Great Impressions range are botanically precise and will give your peony leaves a professional look. Perfect for when you are making leaves to add to your sprays of sugar peonies or when using The Easiest Peony Ever cutter by Fmm. Instructions for use included.

Can be used with other mediums such as sugar dough, marzipan, pastillage, modelling chocolate (Cocoform), chocolate, boiled sugar, isomalt and cold porcelain.

Veiner 1 - approximately 65mm x 90mm
Veiner 2 - approximately 63mm x 87mm