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Starter Kit, Sweet Lace Express



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Impressive kit including everything you need to start making exquisite edible lace for cupcakes or larger cakes. This lace making technique will help you to create lace quickly and economically, and is simple to use with a little bit of practice!

The kit includes:
- A light and ergonomic spatula with grip handle, allowing you to press the paste down firmly and spread across the mould.
- Lace strip to create a fabulous edible decoration to place around your cake (Bali)
- Circular mould with beautiful lace pattern, great for cupcake toppers (Granada)
- Sweet Lace Express paste which may be coloured to suit. Please ensure you keep any unused paste in an airtight container for future use.

We have recently discovered a handy hint to make this paste even easier to use. First, knead the paste until it is warm then slowly add some cooled boiled water with a brush and keep kneading. Continue to add water until you reach a soft bubblegum consistency. Have a look at our 'Sweet Lace Made Even Easier' video to see how easy it is to use.

Spatula - approximately 25mm x 20mm
Lace mould:
Bali - Pattern - approximately 197mm x 55mm
Granada - Pattern diameter - approximately 70mm
Paste - nett weight 200g


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