Sugarcraft Gun

Product Code: GUYKLAY50


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When adding fine details to your cake, such as hair, ribbons and rope, the Sugarcraft Gun is an excellent tool to help you achieve great results quickly and easily. The Sugarcraft Gun comes with a number of attachments to create many different shapes and finishes using sugarpaste (ready to roll icing), Mexican modelling paste, flower paste or marzipan.

Instructions for use are included with the Sugarcraft Gun however here is our quick step by step guide:

1. Choose your disc depending on what you want to make, unscrew the end of the Sugarcraft Gun and place the disc into the end cap.

2. Knead a small amount of Petal Base into enough sugarpaste to fill the gun.

3. Roll the sugarpaste into a long sausage, pull the metal pole of the Sugarcraft Gun up and place the sugarpaste into the gun. Then screw the end cap back on, with your chosen disc inside.

4. Firmly push the metal pole down and holding the gun, squeeze it a few times until you see the sugarpaste coming out of the end in your chosen shape. Cut off at the desired length and it is ready to use!

5. If you are making longer or larger shapes, use modelling paste instead of sugarpaste.