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Sugarflair Edible Blossom Tint Dusting Colour - Gooseberry Green

Product Code: SGFD100GOOS


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Sugarflair Edible Blossom Tint Dusting Colour in Gooseberry.

This lovely gooseberry green blossom tint is perfect for brushing or painting onto your icing leaves decorations and cakes for a natural and subtle look; gradually add a little at a time until you reach the desired look.

The powdered tint can be mixed with other colours to create a variety of shades and can be mixed into marzipan and white chocolate paste too.

  • For best results tip a little onto some kitchen paper or into a paint palette.
  • Then take some on a dry brush, removing any excess by gently dabbing on your kitchen paper or tapping the brush on the edge of the paint palette before applying directly over your iced decoration.

Tip: to set your dusted decorations lightly steam to achieve a natural waxy look for your sugar leaves.

Edible dusting colour in 7ml vial.