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Textured Embossing Sheet - 5 Wool Pattern Pieces

Product Code: EDCRTMMS0041


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With this wool texture sheet you can achieve a number of effects, not just on squares of sugarpaste but you can also create beautiful borders to put around your cake, a fabulous alternative to a ribbon and ideal for someone who loves knitting or perhaps for a new baby cake. The texture sheet can be used with sugarpaste, flower paste, modelling paste or chocolate and there are 5 different textured pieces to get creative with! The sheet is non-stick so you won’t need to grease or dust the surface of it. To use with sugarpaste, press the embossed sheet onto the icing and roll firmly over it using a rolling pin, then remove the sheet to reveal the textured pattern and cut the sugarpaste to the shape you require. To use with flower paste, smear a light coating of Trex or Jem petal base onto your work surface, press the sheet onto the paste and firmly roll over the sheet several times with a small rolling pin until the paste is thinly rolled out. Remove the sheet and as before, cut the paste to the desired shape.

Individual square of wool – Approximately 110mm x 100mm (please note, sizes do vary slightly)
Individual wool strips – Range from approximately 230mm x 40mm to 250mm x 35mm (please note, sizes do vary slightly)