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Textured Embossing Sheet, Hessian Design

Product Code: EDCRTMMS0013


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Use this texture embossing sheet on your cakes and cake decorations when you want to give the impression of hessian. This is ideal for a natural themed cake or perhaps one that incorporates a hessian vegetable sack for a keen gardener or you could use it to recreate a Santa sack bulging with toys! You could even use this texture sheet to give the impression of paving slabs or tiles for a patio on a garden themed cake.

This embossed mat is non stick so you don't need to grease or dust the surface and it can be used with sugarpaste, florist or modelling paste or chocolate.

To use with sugarpaste, simply press the embossing sheet onto the icing and roll over it firmly with a rolling pin. Take the mat away to reveal the design, then you can cut out and use as required.

For finer decorations, use with florist or modelling paste. Spread some Jem petal base or Trex onto your work surface, then press the textured sheet onto the icing and roll firmly over with a rolling pin. Roll backwards and forwards over the mat and repeat this a few times until the icing is rolled out thinly. Remove the mat to reveal the design which you can then cut with a craft knife and use as required.

Approximately 381 x 260mm (15 x 10.25 inches)