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Wool Texture Sheet with 6 Pattern Squares

Product Code: EDCRTMMS0040


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This wool texture sheet is so versatile; it can be used with a number of different mediums and will give your cakes a fantastic woollen effect! You can use this texture sheet with sugarpaste (ready to roll icing), flower paste, modelling paste or even chocolate and there are 6 different patterns that would be suitable for a variety of decorations. Why not decorate a cake with a knitted woollen jumper for Father’s Day, Christmas or even for a cricket fan! You could make a woollen picnic blanket cake topper or give baby booties a knitted look for a Christening cake, there are so many possibilities! This texture sheet is easy to use thanks to the non-stick surface which means there is no need to dust or grease the surface. When using sugarpaste, press the embossed pattern onto the icing and roll over firmly to imprint the design, remove the sheet then cut the sugarpaste to the desired shape. Use a light covering of Jem petal base or Trex on your work surface if you are using flower or modelling paste for a finer decoration. As before, press the textured sheet onto the paste and using a small rolling pin, firmly roll over the sheet several times until the paste is very thinly rolled out. Again, remove the textured sheet and cut out the shape you require for your design.

Individual squares of wool – approximately 110mm x 100mm (please note sizes do vary slightly)

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