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Karen Davies Crochet Flower & Leaf Mould



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Many pretty designs can be created with this crochet flowers and leaves mould. Edible dragees, pearls or buttons from the button moulds make great flower centres. This mould also works well with Karen Davies' crochet border mould. Just knead together a mixture of either ½ flower paste and ½ sugarpaste or 1/3 mexican paste and 2/3 sugarpaste and push into mould. Because the mould is pliable and flexible, your icing or marzipan easily pops out.

Flower 1 - Approx. 3.2cm diameter
Flower 2 - Approx. 4.2cm diameter
Flower 3 - Approx. 5.7cm diameter
Leaf 1 - Approx. 5cm in length
Leaf 2 - Approx. 7cm in length

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