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Victorious Pop Top Cake Decorations

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Transform a simple cake, cupcakes or even a platter of food into an Olympic extravaganza!  Fantastic for the imminent Olympic festivities! Simply push the card pics directly into your cake. The 12 images include a show jumper, relay runner, tennis player, rower, weight lifter, javelin thrower, runner, union jacks, torch, olive wreaths, international flags & London skyline.

Show jumper - approx. 48mm x 50mm
Weight lifter  - approx.40mm x 46mm
Relay runner   - approx. 45mm x 40mm              
Tennis player  - approx. 28mm x 74mm             
Rower - approx. 72mm x 28mm                          
Runner - approx. 41mm x 35mm                        
Skyline - approx. 143mm x 25mm
Union Jack - approx.48mm x 35mm
Intl.flags  - approx. 140mm  x 95mm
Wreath  - approx.30mm x 42mm
Torch - approx. 11mm x 30mm
Javelin - approx. 53mm x 41mm