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  • Bee And Daisy Sugar Decorations, Pack of 12

    Product Code: C484

    Decorate cupcakes and cookies with these cute bee and daisy sugar decorations.  Suitable for an...


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  • Wilton Standard Coupler (Piping Bag Adaptor)

    Product Code: WIL033139

    This Wilton coupler (also known as a piping bag adaptor) will hold your piping tube securely in the ...


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  • Wilton Flower Shaping Bowls, Pack of 6

    Product Code: WIL19071363

    Use these flower shaping bowls (or flower formers) to set your sugar petals and flowers in whilst th...


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  • 'Let's Make A Layered Rainbow Cake' Baking Box

    Product Code: CCWLYRNBKGBOX

    Make a colourful rainbow layered cake using our fabulous baking box with everything you need –...

    From £22.50

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  • Wilton Tall White Birthday Candles, Pack of 12

    Product Code: WIL2811773

    These long white candles are ideal for larger cakes or for adding the finishing touch on any cake. S...


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  • Wilton Tall Gold Birthday Candles, Pack of 12

    Product Code: WIL28118948

    Long gold metallic candles, ideal for larger cakes or for adding an elegant touch on any cake. Stunn...


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  • Wilton 12 Inch Featherweight Piping Bag

    Product Code: WIL4045125

    A 12" lightweight, strong and flexible polyester piping bag by Wilton. Reusable and coated to preven...


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  • Gold 'Happy Birthday' Cake Topper By Cake Star

    Product Code: C84885

    Ideal to transform any plain cake into a celebration cake. Use on its own or combine with other birt...
    Special Offer

    Was: £3.20 Now: £2.88

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  • Wilton 11 Inch Straight Palette Knife/Straight Spatula

    Product Code: WIL4097715

    This sturdy 11 Inch stainless-steel straight palette knife from Wilton is ideal for covering cakes w...


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  • 'Thank You' Sugar Decorations, Pack of 12

    Product Code: C475

    Decorate cupcakes and cookies with these cute apple toppers to show your appreciation to a favourite...


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  • Wilton Bottles Silicone Mould

    Product Code: WIL21153844

    Have fun making mini bottle shaped cake decorations with this easy to use candy mould from Wilton. I...


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  • Gender Reveal Sugar Decorations, Pack of 12

    Product Code: C477

    Have fun with these pink and blue gender reveal sugar toppers and decorate cupcakes and cookies for ...


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  • 'Mum And Hearts' Sugar Decorations, Pack of 56

    Product Code: C478

    Treat mum to homemade cupcakes and cookies decorated with these pretty pastel coloured hearts to let...


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  • White 'Angel Wings' Sugar Decorations, Pack of 16

    Product Code: C483

    Use these handmade white 'angel wings' to decorate cupcakes and cookies to celebrate a communion, ch...


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  • Wilton Easy Layers 8 Inch Round Cake Tins, Set Of 4

    Product Code: WIL21050188

    Bake four even cake layers quickly and easily with one batch of cake mix using The Wilton Easy Layer...


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  • Wilton Yellow Candy Melts, 340g Bag

    Product Code: WIL0400100

    Easy to use, these Wilton yellow candy melts are perfect for adding a splash of colour when covering...


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  • Wilton Red Candy Melts, 340g Bag

    Product Code: WIL0400099

    Easy to use, these Wilton red candy melts are perfect for adding a splash of colour when covering ca...


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  • Graduation Sugar Decorations, Pack of 12

    Product Code: C473

    A fun pack of 12 edible graduation themed toppers to decorate cupcakes and cookies. If a graduate's ...


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  • Wilton Blue Candy Melts, 340g Bag

    Product Code: WIL0400098

    Easy to use, these Wilton blue candy melts are perfect for adding a splash of colour when covering c...


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  • Wilton No. 2D Drop Flower Tube

    Product Code: WIL4182004

    Use this Wilton No. 2B piping nozzle to pipe beautiful buttercream rose swirls, simple pretty flower...


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  • Dried Yeast, 60g Pot

    Product Code: SIMYEAST

    Dried Active Yeast from Simmons is compressed yeast from which the moisture has been removed. A gran...


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  • Wilton Brownie Tin

    Product Code: WIL033135

    Bake perfect brownies, biscuits and traybakes in this Wilton 'Recipe Right' brownie tin. The oblong ...


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  • 'Let's Make Bread' Baking Kit

    Product Code: CCWLMBBKGBOX

    Introduce the family to bread making with our 'Let's Make Bread' baking kit! If you have never made ...

    From £8.00

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  • Wilton Set Of 3 Round Mini Springform Cake Tins

    Product Code: WIL21052174

    Use this set of 3 mini springform cake tins from Wilton to make individual 4" round cakes, cheesecak...


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  • Dr.Oetker Chocolate And Salted Caramel Traybake Kit

    Product Code: OET011726

    Bake a delicious chocolate & salted caramel traybake with this kit from Dr. Oetker,  a trea...


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  • 'Let's Make Brownies' Baking Box

    Product Code: CCWBROWBKGBOX

    Treat family, friends or work colleagues to a tray of delicious brownies in no time using our 'Let's...

    From £11.50

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  • 'Let's Make Chocolate Chip Cookies' Baking Box

    Product Code: CCWCHOCPBKGBOX

    Get creative making delicious cookies for the family, friends or your workplace using this delightfu...

    From £10.00

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  • 'Let's Make Summer Cupcakes' Baking Box

    Product Code: CCWCCSUMBKGBOX

    Strawberries are a taste of summer so why not treat family, friends or lucky work colleagues to summ...

    From £15.00

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  • Wilton Icing (Piping) Bag Ties, Pack Of 12

    Product Code: WIL417173

    These rubber bands with clever catch can be locked onto the top of your piping bag to prevent you ov...


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  • Wilton Sea Life Silicone Mould

    Product Code: WIL4092552

    Create detailed sugar decorations for a sea or mermaid themed cake or cupcakes. This Wilton Sea Life...


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  • Wilton Ferns Silicone Mould

    Product Code: WIL4092548

    Make pretty sugar decorations for a celebration cake or cupcakes. Inspired by nature, this Wilton Fe...


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  • Wilton High And Low Cake Decorating Turntable

    Product Code: WIL3070838

    A turntable that makes decorating your cake easier! The Wilton high and low turntable offers two dif...
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    Was: £24.00 Now: £21.60

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  • Wilton 9 Inch Round Shallow Tin

    Product Code: WIL033131

    A non-stick round tin of heavy-gauge construction which provides even heat distribution, ideal for b...
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    Was: £5.29 Now: £4.49

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  • Wilton Afternoon Tea Cookie Cutter Set Of 3 - Teapot, Teacup & Cupcake

    Product Code: WIL23080092

    Children will love making tea party themed biscuits using this fun set of 3 Wilton cookie cutters.&n...


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  • Wilton Drizzling Scoop

    Product Code: WIL19041020

    Drizzling melted chocolate, candy melts or fondant icing over your bakes,  cake pops and desser...


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  • 12 Cavity Muffin (Cupcake) Tin By Wilton

    Product Code: WIL033118

    A high quality muffin pan by Wilton. Made of steel with a non-stick surface, it offers even heat dis...


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